About the department of English

We are the the department of English in IES El Carmen in our wonderful town, Cazalla de la Sierra. We want you to learn English so here we are! Questions welcome!

In this school year (2016/17), there are three teachers in our school

    • Amparo García, head of the department. She’s been teaching in this school since 1993, so she’s highly experienced. Nice and charming, she will teach 1st of ESO, 1st of Bachillerato and FPB1. Her e-mail is amparogarcialosada@live.com
    • Salva Gordón, head of studies. It’s his seventh year in the High School. He studied Bachillerato in IES El Carmen (Amparo was his teacher) and now he enjoys teaching and sharing experiences with his old teachers and his new students! He will teach 3rd and 4th of ESO. His e-mail is salvadorgordon@profesores.com
    • Rebeca Calado: It’s her second year in Cazalla. She’s enthusiastic and quite energetic! You’ll learn a lot with her. She wil teach 2nd of ESO, 2nd of Bachillerato and FPB2. She will also tutor 2nd of ESO and she will be the head of the evaluation, training and educative innovation department.

If you want to know our school better, check this video!



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